24 Ways to Make Horrible Church Announcements [Blog-Announce It! Pt. 4]

    1. Delegate to a lifeless, non-passionate assistant.Announce #4 Bad Examples
    2. Simply re-read them word-for-word.
    3. Don’t pre-read them and then react in some way to each one.
    4. Don’t pre-read and then mispronounce key words and people’s names.
    5. Give lots of addresses, phone numbers, dates and times.
    6. Do the above rapidly.
    7. Pretend you are David Letterman and give running, comic commentary.
    8. Speak from the pulpit, directly to one person, in detail, for a lengthy time.
    9. Give way to much details about peoples health, personal problems and spiritual status.
    10. Give “insider info” from the pulpit.
    11. Go “off the record”, in public, in front of your congregation, while probably being recorded.
    12. Create unpleasant or unhealthy mental pictures.
    13. Make 9 announcements when 2 were all you needed.
    14. Throw in an extra announcement you just thought of.
    15. Begin giving announcements before people are quiet and listening.
    16. Mumble under your breath often.
    17. Ramble and ramble like a rambler who rambles.
    18. Make a sensitive “church family” type of announcement to your Sunday morning crowd.
    19. Make vague negative comments that leave plenty of folks wondering what’s up.
    20. Openly let folks know how much you really hate giving announcements.
    21. Make comments that degrade announcements and announcement giver.
    22. Act like announcements are a complete waste of time.
    23. Be arrogant about the preaching and condescending towards everything else.
    24. Make no announcements at all and leave people uninformed and uneasy.

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