3 Easy Tips For Reaching Young Families [Blog]

Your local church can and should be reaching new, young families.
Focusing on the right techniques is better than just hoping they will come. Here are a few easy, “quick start” steps any church can take right away. These won’t cost you a dime, but have been proven over and over again as effective.

1. Create a welcoming local church atmosphere.
Spend a few weeks training your folks to be ready and expecting new guests. It’s just like an inviting a new family to your home. Put a little extra effort into it. Clean up. Remove clutter. Set a date and be ready at the door. Always be aware of the first impression your
church is leaving and strive to make it better. Ask your volunteers to make all guests feel warm and welcome.

2. Use social media.
Young families use social media more than ever. You need a presence on Facebook. It is the biggest and most widely used platform. Have folks in your church “friend” you. Get on twice a day for about 15-20 minutes. Casually connect with folks but keep it short and genuine. Make a post on Friday and Saturday about the general topic of your Sunday message. Ask a question or give a simple Bible verse to read. Reference the question and some of the responses during the message. (Learn more with our Facebook for Pastors bonus http://reachkeep.com/facebook-pastors/) Meet your people where they’re at.

3. Sharpen up your children’s department.                                          Parents expect that their kids will learn character in your Sunday Schools. They don’t bring them for “head knowledge”, they bring them to learn how to be obedient and respectful! Make sure the pulpit supports the children’s ministry every week. Let parents know the basics of what their kids are learning that day. Meet with your teachers and make sure they understand just how important their task is. They are not only teaching a class for one hour a week. They are building a relationship and having influence. Provide training, tools and support as needed.

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