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#69 Digital Impact Without a Church Website [Podcast]


Many churches have an old, outdated website that the current pastor and staff cannot edit. This can be due to lack of passwords or lack of knowledge. Many more do not have a website, at all. These churches need help to reach out and be relevant in a digital world. Building a website can be an expensive and confusing process. How can a church without a website still make a digital impact?

In this podcast, we’re going to offer some tips to help you do just that. Every pointer we give you in this episode will help you reach your community without a website. We’re going to show you how to use technology that is easily accessible. Everything we show you will be free, or very low cost. Most of it won’t even require much work from you.

Online Reviews

Mike and Tannim discuss using Google and Facebook reviews to get your church people to tell others about your church, without even having met them. This is a tactic that is very effective, and requires very little from you, the pastor. For instructions and examples on how to get your first online church review- click here: FREE Download 6-page PDF

Discussion Groups

In this episode, you’ll also learn how to use a Facebook sermon discussion group. It is very easy to set up these discussion groups, and they serve two purposes. These groups help your church family to dig deeper into their Bibles, and your sermons, by discussing them throughout the week. They also show your community exactly what you believe. As your members discuss your sermons, their friends can see their comments. This will draw the friends into the discussion thread. Often, they will start asking questions, which gives you the opportunity to witness and to invite them to church.

Facebook Community Pages

We’re going to dive into how Sinclair Baptist Church uses Facebook community pages, like your local Upcycle, News and Chatter, or other community billboard-type page to reach out and let others in your community know what kind of church you pastor, and what events you have lined up. This is a simple way to let hundreds or thousands of people in your community know that your church is there, and how you want to impact your community.

Every one of these platforms is used at Sinclair Baptist Church, and is proven to work. Even though we do have a website, it’s not what drives the majority of our digital impact. What we discuss in this podcast provides more outreach, and a better online presence, than just about any website out there could accomplish.

NOTE: We have create a free set of instructions and examples to help you get your first online review. Click to button below.

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