Are the Church Announcements as Boring as the Sermon? [Blog-Announce it! Pt. 1]

Have you ever gone to church with great hopes of being lifted up? Have you ever been in great need of encouragement and were hoping the sermon would stir your soul?

Of course you have! Me too!

Does it always happen quite the way you want? Probably not. Occasionally its a “sleeper”. That’s going to happen from time to time.

But here is another question. Have you ever been fired up about the announcements? Has that routine part of every church service ever been that which stirred your soul? Have you ever trembled with excitement when the the announcement guy makes his way to the microphone?   Well, announcements can be some of the best parts of any church service and I am going to show you how to make that happen.

This blog is part of a mini-course I am teaching on How to Make Effective Church Announcements. It has five sections and a podcast. I have also created a “cheat sheet” to help you figure how to properly categorize your announcements and know when and how to make them (or toss them in the trash).

To get you started, here are a few of the simplest mistakes that are often made that will make you the Czar of Boredom in the land of Announcemekistan.

  • No planning- Don’t pre-read or even know what the announcements are before you actually make them. Mispronounce a few words. When reading the announcement, act like you are surprised or puzzled.
  • No passion- Never get excited or let your voice have any inflection. Remember, extra encouragement is not needed today.
  • Not tied to application- Never tie the action or application of the sermon to the action related to the announcement. The sermon and the invitation immediately afterwords are where the real fruit is.
  • Not tied to core values- What you believe and what you do should not be related. Values and doctrines are the real “biblical” stuff. Upcoming events are just some programatic calendar fillers.

Hopefully, no one is that bad. But if we don’t pay special attention to this vital and focused part of our church services, we could be dangerously close to be labeling our entire service as boring. Make sure you follow the links and stay in touch with for this important and practical mini-course on How to Make Effective Church Announcements.
Click Here for the Free Downloadable Cheat Sheet
What is the worst announcement you have ever heard? Leave your comment below.

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Mike Holmes

  • my personal favorite was when a pastor commented on some special singing that had just been completed. Something to the affect of “it would not cut any records in Nashville, but you could tell it was from the heart.”

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