Attending a Jet? [Blog]

Travel conceptualYou don’t “attend” a jet . You don’t “go to” a train.


Jets and trains are not things that you visit or just stop by and see. They have very distinct purpose for their guests. Jets and trains specialize in taking people from where they are to where they need to be. The interaction with them is usually described as “getting on board”.  And as it is with jets and trains, so it should be with the local church.

The “called out assembly” is more than a place, it is a “people with a purpose”.  And every participant or passerby should be able to see that quite clearly.

Here are few observation about a jet or a train that should be similar to a local church.
  • Everyone knows its going somewhere. It’s not designed to sit still.
  • You can’t be nearby without sensing the imminent future movement.
  • Everyone is anticipating making forward progress.
  • There is clarity about the purpose amongst the participants.
  • Not everyone will understand how it all works, but they know it should be moving forward.
These statements should be true about every single local church. But are they? If not, why not?
Every week ReachKeep is in contact with churches trying to solve these issues. So, what is the fix for our churches? Here are a few questions to think upon.
  1. Is there a very clear understand amongst the leadership as to how the church develops believers? (and the answer in not that they should just attend all of the services).
  2. Are the steps to take toward progress simple?  Are the majors step of development/maturity in your church as simple as an airport’s? Get ticket  •  check luggage  •  travel to concourse  •   board aircraft.
  3. Are those steps highly visible?  In other words, can newcomers and attenders easily see the set of steps toward development?  Is it easy to see this is the church’s primary purpose?
In Part Two of Attending the Jet- Getting From A to B we will examine the hinderances toward this view of a local church and I will describe several steps churches are using to move away from lack of clarity in these matters.

In the meantime don’t forget to listen to the training audio (podcast) that accompanies this blog. Play it at your next leaders meeting and open up the discussion. Published the last week of 2-15.

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