Church Ministry Teams-Pt. 1 [Blog]

What is the greatest attribute of a ministry team in a local church setting?  Here is a short list:Church Ministry Teams art 1

  • Effective production
  • Clarity around goals
  • Communication skills
  • Identifying and meeting needs
  • Setting and achieving goals

All of these are extremely important and are really at the essence of teamwork.  But there  is an underlying element that supports all of these and that is mutual trust.  Open and clear trust of each other is the preeminent attribute that needs to be present in each an effective local church ministry team.

Without mutual trust you can have these nice items…

  • Burnout
  • Suspicion
  • Covered Hurts
  • Communication Frustration
  • Negative Influences, and much, much more.

Developing this open mutual trust can be not only an elusive task, but a difficult one. It is like pursuing a big game animal or searching for some hidden treasure.  But I can assure you, in the end, it will be worth it.  Here are a few tips for how a local church ministry team can become extremely effective by establishing this essential element.

Communication Time- Whether they are official meetings, standup discussions, or frequent emails, be prepared to become the kings and queens of communication. Someone once said, “The biggest problem with communication is believing it has taken place.”  This is especially true in church settings where tactics and goals are often “soft” (like spiritual growth and inward decisions) rather that “hard” (like sales and finances).  Clarity in communications is far better than assumptions and guessing games. Solution: Read and listen to good materials and develop yourself into the best communicator on your team.  Try the The Team Driven Church: Part One

Sanctified Settings- Treat your meeting place like holy ground.  Have a dedicated spot, keep it clean and distraction-free.  Act as if the meeting was as important as a Sunday morning service.  Be as mentally prepared for your team meetings as you would teaching a class. Use notes, handouts, visual aids or whatever you need to, to make it effective and show you value the participants. Use off site settings much more frequently for fully concentrated in-depth topics. Since meetings will be frequent and long, make sure to take care of the creature comforts like bottled water, coffee, snacks and comfy chairs. More on the Three Types of Meetings

If and when you build mutual trust, continue to nurture it deeply because, believe me, things will never be the same when it get ruined and has gone away.

Next week: Part Two on Church Ministry Teams — Unfiltered debate, Caring fore talk, and Service moments

NOTE: Do not get too busy in your ministry that you do not take time to build your team. If you are to busy for this, you are to busy. Your pseudo effectiveness will be achieved by dumbing down your goals and redefining targets after the arrow has already been shot.

The Team Driven Church: Part One

Tell me, what is the best team you have ever been on? Ministry, sports or other?

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Mike Holmes

  • Mike

    My favorite team is the one I am currently leading at Sinclair Baptist/ It has taken hard work, but it has been worth it.

  • Theresa Smigelski Schultz

    I’m part of Mr. Mike’s ministry team, and I must say, he practices what he preaches! Our team meetings are one of my favorite parts of the week, and the people in it are some of the most trusted people in my life.

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