Circling Fish [Blog]

Out here in the Rocky Mountain West, many of our Rainbow trout have been stricken with a disease that makes them go round and round and chase their tail.  This illness, called Whirling Disease, affects their survival rate in that they become easy pickings for predators while they are doing their never ending circles.  While constantly in motion, they never really get anywhere and soon cease to exist.  The parallels are many. Here are two easy illustrations.

  1. Young Families- By definition, a young family has much inexperience.  They newness of marriage and the raising of kids can be a rocky road.  Add in a relocation, a tough economy and few health problems and we have a classic Whirling Disease scenario.  Lots of motion, not much progress. With no one to guide them, they can become easy prey to the statistics of the Evil One.
  2. Local Churches- Going round and round in circles could easily define many churches.  Routine upon routine and keeping up with those routines can keep a church from actually making true progress.  The Great Commission is faithfully taught but is not happening as thoroughly or quickly as the leaders desire.  At the heart, the leadership desires to swim straight and move ahead, but the practice is hindered by busyness, dulled urgency and a lack of volunteers.  Again, another potential win for the Evil One.

So, is there an answer? In the case of the trout, the small fry have suffered irreversible brian damage.  Great research in our universities and game and fish departments has been identifying resistant strains in the certain headwaters. Much headway is being made.  In the case of our families and churches, much progress is happening as well.

What we have found here at is that the young families need the churches and the churches need the young families.  The solutions are each other!

Young families need the stability from the Word of God and older, seasoned adults who have been there and done that.  The church needs the focus, urgency and vibrance that comes with having a high percentage of young families.  Both entities, left alone can become easy pickings for the devil. Both entities, put together can become a great force for the cause of Christ.

For a great handle on actually making this happen, it is often helpful to look to others. The folks at BYM/ReachKeep have been plowing away in this specific area for many years.  A dynamic church has been the result. For some detailed training, take a look at the CONTENT page on our new website.  If your hearts desire is to move out of the circles and onto the path of progress, you need to look into attending the ReachKeep Conference in  Sinclair, Wyoming, and while you are here bring your fly rod, and waders.  The fishing is great!

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