Ditch Busters [Blog]

Many churches are in ditches. Ruts, if you prefer. If we rename it as routine or consistency, then I guess we are OK. But on the inside, we know we are in a rut. And ruts are hard to get out of. As leaders, we know when we are in a rut, but we may not be sure how to get out of it. Sometimes we need a hand.  Here’s help!

A church has an obligation to many things. Among them is outreach.  Outreach programs, like many things can become streamlined and routinized into ineffectiveness.  You don’t have to throw these away, but you might try a new approach to your outreach.  Here is one solution from ReachKeep that has great ditch busting potential.

Host a Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  That right, food as a outreach tool. I love it!  The truth is dinners, suppers, meals whatever you call them, are great places for one-on-one discussions (which would include evangelism). Here are three truths:

  • Meal times are enjoyed by people of all stages of life.
  • Meals time invitations are readily accepted by people of all stages of faith.
  • Meal times foster conversation and friendship.

Let me be clear, hosting a community dinner with an “open” invitation is no small undertaking.  How many will come? Will there be enough food? Where will we seat everyone? will be some of the very intense questions you and your team will be faced with.(learn how to answer some of these by watching the free video training series on our YouTube Channel) It will be challenging, but it will be great!  New faces, new friends and serving together will be that rut buster you have been looking for as a leader of your flock.

ReachKeep has developed an entire media package with training and all the graphics you would need to make this type of event happen.  It is called Team Turkey and it is available at www.reachkeep.com. We have helped hundreds of churches with outreach events and now we want to help you. Posters and invites cards, flyers and door hangers are all professional designed and made up just for your church and location. Training videos are sent on DVD for your workers and many preprinted forms and handouts are sent for you to signup your team and build excitement. We even will send you the artwork for out famous Team Turkey tee shirts customized just for your church. Our pastors across the country have requested this type of product and it is a great deal for all that is included.

It does take a lot of planning and forethought for a church to pull something like this off.

But it sure beats being in a ditch.

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