Do Big Nose [Blog]

A great challenge in a ReachKeep church is focus. A local badman in this western frontier town’s raucous history may help you remember. They called him Big Nose George. A name worthy of remembrance.

Besides his obvious identifier, Big Nose was a train robber and murderer.  After his arrest, he somehow escaped from the local jail and was rounded up by the local town people and hanged on a light post down on Front Street. Many a badman in those days were rounded up and lynched. The main reason we remember this guy though, was because of his famous big nose. Maybe you need to do a few big “no’s” worthy of remembering?

  • NO to personal temptations- Along with the regular list of lusts, indulgences and laziness, a leader needs a personal list of things to say “no” to. Things that can take you off focus are often good things, but need to be curtailed or tightly managed.  Here are a few from my list:
  1. Tasks that would better be delegated or ignored. Say no.
  2. Tangents that would consume much time and provide little benefit. Say no
  3. Tactics that work for others, but distract from my focus. Say no.
  • NO to well meaning church folks- Often, I get requests and suggestions from good people who have seen successful church programs and philosophies that differ from ours. If you are still formulating your strategies and tactics, these might be helpful. But if you have prayed, sweated, labored and finely crafted your approach, do not get off focus. Say no.
  • NO to social presures on how church is to be done- Criticism from the “old boy network”, good friends, and respected colleagues is difficult to ignore. Great courage is required to follow your personal calling and take new paths. Remember, the fear of man brings a snare ( Proverbs 29:25). Say no.

The power of focus is not easily attained, but it can bring great success and fruitfulness. It truly is a fight to be able to refuse good suggestions. It is a very difficult to say NO to good and respected men. But, if you are going to stay on focus, you’ll regularly need to say no. I hope someday you can go back and remember your Very Big No’s!

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