How to Get an Awesome Easter Spurt!

Much of our life is lived in spurts.

Growth spurts, seasonal changes and celebrating holidays are all part of human nature.  There is a way us humans behave and act in our culture that is certainly certain. It is consistently regular. It is the natural part of us that enjoys ups and downs, and vacations and moments of busyness.

Since churches are made up of humans, they too (churches) have their cycles of life.  One of the big spurts is coming up. It is called Easter. Your church can have a great and positive spurt this Easter.

I may be getting ahead of myself. Not everyone gets a burst of health and growth at Easter.  You might be in unique group of folks that…

  • never invite someone to church.
  • never ask your folks to bring a guest.
  • never advertises, gives out your phone number or has a church sign.
  • never have a evangelistic meeting or a big day.

If that is the case, and you don’t do theses things, then Easter will be just another Sunday in the 52 weeks we get each year.

But if you do invite folks and encourage your people to bring friends, then you are into church growth. Not the wacky, pop culture, “growth at any cost” movement. That stuff is kinda crazy sometimes.

…so if you are into growing your church by adding real live families…

…one at a time,

…the ones you know,

…the ones you invited to church,

…the ones you prayed would come on Sunday.

then here is some help for you. (or at least a few ideas we have tried and found helpful!)

Ideas Cheat Sheet Download  Six ideas to help make Easter Sunday a huge step forward in your ministry.  Using these ideas can give your church get a great spiritual boost during the Easter season. They also will help you improve your management and communication skills. The cheat sheet include compilation of links from other ReachKeep resource that are all about how to have a great Easter.

YouTube Videos- The Five Minutes to Better Sundays Series has several specific video called Easter Tips.  These are all simple challenges from me to you about how to run a specific portion of your Easter “burst”.

So from one local church growth spurt kind of  guy to another, I hope you have a great spurt this Easter!

Mike  @reachkeep

6 great ideas to help make Easter Sunday a huge step forward in your ministry.

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Use the natural momentum of Easter to bring in new families to your church. Please enter your email to receive the free Easter Cheat Sheet download.

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Mike Holmes

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