How Do I Get More Young Families? [Blog]

LeeperThe ReachKeep Conference answer the question that is in the mind of many church leaders, “How do I get young families to come to my church?” Ministry presents many problems to leadership. Effective leaders solve those problems.
Leaders know, moving ahead with organizational goals is the required outcome, but unfortunately when leading a church or any other organization we run into problem we just don’t know how to solve. Some problems can be solved when extensive planning and “think time” is time added to them. Churches though, have a looming deadline that comes every seven days when tends to rob them of quality “think time”. A simple solution to this is a short burst of focus thought on the particular problem.
The ReachKeep Seminar is the short burst of concentrated training and planning that may be just what you need.
Here are three things you will receive from attending.

  1. Seclusion from distraction. Some of the best “think times” are when you can get away from the office and local buzz that keeps all church leaders hopping. Clearing the schedule for concentrated thought and work is patterned for us in Acts chapter 6. Focus will change everything.
  2. Provoked by friends. An unsolved problem is often due to incomplete observation.  Who better than a good friend to push you out of your box or get you up on a ladder to view the situation from a new angle. BYM has been working with small churches for 25 years, acting as their assistant and loyal coworker. Now we are here to help with an absolute dedication to your local church.
  3. Get ‘er done.  The Saturday workshop and followup calls (for registered Pro Trainees only) will help you actually  get the work accomplished that will head you in the right direction.  The closing session of the Conference will be dedicated to drawing a roadmap of “next steps” for you to take.  If you are staying Saturday for the workshops, we will open up the laptops, websites and Google search engines and actually get you moving along the path of “next steps”. Our entire staff will be at your disposal for artwork assistance , social media consulting and lessons on projector usage.

So… how do I get those young families to come to my church?  Well, I am sure there are many ways, but one way for sure is to make plans to attend the ReachKeep Conference on May 1-3, in Sinclair, Wyoming.

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