How to capture and use email addresses in your local church.

The local church can and should capture and use email addresses as a way to connect with  and inform churchgoers. Here is my take:

Staying in touch with church folks via email is one of the smartest things a pastor can do. We need to take advantage of the technology that allows us to get “up front and personal” and communicate directly to our attenders. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Email is closer than a sermon. It show up in the palm of your hand or with in about 20 inches of your face. It is close, much closer than a pulpiteer a hundred feet away.
  • Email is a two way street. No one ever talks back in a sermon (Unless you happen to be my poor assistant in one of his first solo sermons). Email allows for dialog in an often monologue only church world.
  • Email opens the world of clicks. A well done sermon illustration can score about 1.8 on the Richter Scale, but a few well place links can take a viewer on a 10.0 tsunami tidal wave around the world and back.
  • Email beats the clock. Sunday mornings have a bad habit of ending at noon. Time runs out in any message, but an email can be read, engaged upon and responded to in the middle of the night.
  • Email always asks permission. It may sit in an inbox for while. But is is quietly asking to be opened. When the mouse finally make the move, it is because someone is “wanting” to read the content. No passive daydreaming allowed. I clicked it because I want to read it!

These five reasons are great examples of this new and powerful tool that we can use 24/7. The big question is are you using it? This short video will give you a few helpful tips to advance your management skills.

In the latest “Five Minutes to Better Sundays” video you will learn a couple of ways to obtain email addresses. I also cover some ideas concerning email automation. In fact, we have a nice freebie cheat sheet for you with 20 ideas to get going on email automation. (There is a link at the bottom of this letter that will get you the sheet for FREE.)

But one thing I really want to give you today is a list of item to email out to you folks. Here are several things we have done:

  • Send detailed info about camps, retreats, and discipleship events.
  • Send links to private church videos explain or promoting events etc…
  • Send links to helpful YouTube videos, blog articles, websites.
  • Send followup questions from sermons.
  • Ask specific questions with personal responses expected.
  • Send fund raising and special project info.
  • Invite to “like” Facebook page or attend event
  • Send pdf or jpeg of scripture memes.
  • Send prayer request lists
  • Send link to get free resources, the creation magazines, financial help,…

On top of all this, you can have them send you items or questions that they have. All-in-all, email is one of the greatest tools a local church can have.

This latest video and the supplement that come with it can be a great boost to your ministry. I hope you enjoy the video and please don’t forget to share it with others. I also would appreciate it if you would hit the subscribe button below or on YouTube itself. It will help us spread the word that the local church is the hope of the world!

Thanks so much reading, watching, sharing and reaching the world!

Your friend in the trenches,

Mike Holmes

This simple video will give you four different ideas that you can put to use this Sunday!

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For more information on Smart Email for Churches, listen to Podcast # 66

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