How to Choose the Right Church Announcements [Blog-Announce It! Pt. 3]

Announce #3 Choosing TypesProbably one of the most boring and frustrating things that can happen on a Sunday is listening to church announcements done poorly. We have all sat through what seemed like hours of uninteresting and irrelevant blather. What is worse is some of us have all been the ones making those terrible noises! Here are some tips on how to triage your announcements. (BTW, triage is a medical term for assigning the degree of urgency when dealing with a large number of patients.)

Triage Pre-tip: Cut back on your announcements donors. A church of nearly any size can seemingly have dozens of important things that could make the cut of being announced from the pulpit. Your church needs a system that limits the folks who are asking for some of that valuable airtime. This mini course will help you to develop a systematic approach to your announcement making. Learning the Five Types of Announcements will also be a great help.

Triage tip #1- Does it Fit the Values?

When using the powerful platform of the pulpit, make sure you focus your announcements on things that are backing your core values. A high percentage of what you announce should be the really important stuff. Announcements should be tied to a primary purpose of the church or a response to a recent message. Use print, signage, slides or email for operational type of announcements. (ex. There will be some construction in the hallway area…, the office will be closed on Thursday and Friday because of….) When an announcement is vacant of vision it can often become boring. Hint:(Listen to the podcast of this topic to hear the greatest single thing you can do to make sure the announcement are not boring). Core value and sermon application style announcements are really the next steps in spiritual development.

Triage Tip #2- Does it Apply to a Majority of the Listeners?

If the information pertains to only a small portion of the listeners it may be better presented in some other fashion. Try to save the pulpit announcement for items that will answer a question or inform a large number of the hearers. If a person perceives the info being announced is not meant for them or doesn’t apply to them, they tend to tune out. Lots of folks tuning out is not good.

Triage Tip #3- What is the Urgency Factor?

Often times the urgency of an announcement can get it to the top of the list. Make sure the urgency though is also relevant. Safety, weather and crowd related announcements show concern and compassion for the folks that are listening. Many times poor planning, and last minute thinking drives the need for urgency announcements. Be careful about allowing to many of these types. They tend to reproduce!

Triage Tip #4- Good, Better or Best?

 Always ask the question, can the topic be announced in some other, more effective way? Here are a few: email, bulletin, website, video, social media, individual contact, after church meetings? Pulpit announcement are often not the best way to make and announcement. Here is a list of strengths of the other types:
      • Bulletin: Dates, numbers, detailed addresses, etc…
      • Website: Public announcement, detailed directions, etc…
      • Social Media: Event reporting, photos, community oriented, etc…
      • Video: Recruiting, story telling, event reporting, etc…
      • Personal: Volunteer recruiting, expression of gratitude, Q&A, etc…
      • After Church Meeting: Explanations, Q&A, event coordination, etc…

Triage Tip #5- Proper Character Expressions

Often times the way an announcement is made is a very important lesson to the congregation. Show mercy, expressing gratitude and even passionately announcing discipleship initiatives can be a great way to develop flourishing believers. Bible preaching is very important but a character-filled announcement giver can be a tremendous example to the believers. Take time to choose announcements that allow the character to flow.


Choosing what to say and what not to say can go a long way in preventing boredom and creating a flock of flourishing believers. Using the filters above you can create dynamic and exciting announcement that are relevant and events that are well attended. A powerful message from the pulpit deserves to be bracketed by powerful, value driven and relevant announcements.

Note: The potency of any announcement can be greatly altered by the person(s) or presentation of the content. Having another person come forward to speak creates interest and intrigue. Likewise, if an assistant always makes the general announcements; having the pastor make the announcement adds a lot of clout to that particular piece of information.
[I once saw announcement done for and upcoming youth camp done by two teenagers who made a plea for others teens to come to a Bible camp. They were invited by the pastor to come to the front where they gave avery typical “send your kid to camp” announcement. The beauty was they alternated sentences they had memorized is a very rehearsed and profession manner. It was huge hit. When they finished they were applauded by the crowd.]

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