Bring them Back! How to get Easter guests to return.

Concerning getting Easter visitors to return to church the following Sunday, I have attached a YouTube video I did for that explains all of the things we are doing at our church this year.

I get very frustrated with when church leaders speak disparagingly of Christmas and Easter only guests. Nicknaming them CEO’s further frustrates me. I believe local church leadership should be above such slurs and negativity. I prefer to help break them of their twice a year habit. I believe they can be converted and the power of Christ can come upon them and turn them into flourishing moms, dads, deacons and missionaries. 

To foresee or prejudge folks before they come into the front door is pretty common. We all tend to do it. Let’s just make sure we a envisioning them as tens and not as zeroes.

Think about this…

If the Lord tarries, 20 years from now, we will be meeting solid Bible believing folks, with godly kids. They will have become great local church members, taught in Sunday schools, won their neighbors to Christ and give thousands of dollars to missions. When asking about their testimony, they will reply that it all started on Easter in 2017.

Many of those that attend on twice a year have apparently not found a compelling reason to return more often. I am sure there are many factors to blame. From my perspective, I believe this should be viewed as a reflection on our leadership, planning, zeal and attitude. This year, let us make sure we are doing all we can and leave no stone unturned in our quest to create flourishing believers. Press on!

Link to training video: How to Bring them Back —

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6 great ideas to help make Easter Sunday a huge step forward in your ministry.

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