Prune or Be Pruned

Every gardener knows that pruning those branches make things grow that much better. I am not sure what goes on inside chemistry of a plant that makes it grow healthier, but I do know it’s biblical and it works.

As the “back to school” season gets into full swing, make sure your church and leadership take some serious time to do some pruning. Just as a bush can get gangly or overgrown, so can a church. Taking time to prune is wise and helpful.

Here are a few areas where you can focus:

  1. Staff and Teachers- Meet with your different departments and check to see what they see needs pruning or revising. If you are a church with a deep drive to reach young families, your nursery and children’s departments will need some extra attention.
  2. Meetings and Communication Structures: Some portions of your ministry might need more tightly focused meetings. Some areas might need less. Talk with your key players and see what they are observing. Make adjustments and find out your team members preferred methods of communication.
  3. Calendar and Events- The next three months for your church will be crucial. September through Thanksgiving is one of the most fruitful sections of the calendar that a church can have.  Make sure each event, is connected to one of your church’s your core values. Also, make sure you prune away events, meetings and all busyness that is not connect to a core value (Learn more on this short video about core values).

Conclusion: Pruning can be painful. It takes some time and perception to see what needs to be cut and what needs to stay.  We are currently whacking out a few of our internal meetings and streamlining our Sunday morning children’s teaching time. Both had just gotten too complicated. If we don’t time time to focus, things can often “self-prune” by imploding, losing momentum or just falling apart. If you are planning on growing and maturing your church this fall, make sure you take time to prune!

I always think it is so helpful when you share with me your feedback. It helps me as I minister to other churches and it is so, so encouraging. In light of that, what is one area where you feel you might need to do a little pruning?

Please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Mr. Mike, pastor, leader and focused pruner!

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