Reach the Stinking People [Blog]

Outreach may stink, but it beats empty pews!

Dear Church Leader Friend,
The future of any church cannot be built on a shrinking demographic. So many of our good churches are aging. They believe right, they give right, they do missions right and they certainly desire to impact their communities. But there are a few simple truths that cannot be ignored. They are aging and they are getting tired. 

empty_pews_smThis is no slam on our good people. I just had a birthday and my body harshly told me many things that my friends were kindly reminding me of–I am not what I used to be! Likewise, our churches need new blood. But I don’t think they need to sell out to the new culture that has a grip on so many young people. You don’t need a rock band to reach young people.

I believe our churches need to be conservative, haven of rest from pop culture and its influence. There is a loud roar and a raucous wind that is blowing into many of our churches in this day and age. I don’t care for it, nor its influence, yet I am deeply burdened for our many, many young family and children that are suffering from its fallout. Broken homes, shattered relationships, misplaced values are all the calling cards of the young that need to be in our churches.

Unfortunately, the crudeness and stench of sin makes young undisciplined families repulsive to many of our church people. It seems outreach is diminished by reaching out. The people with the good news often find it difficult to reach and keep those who need the good news. The downward cycle is seen in diminishing church statistics around our country. The downward cycle is why our churches are dying. The downward cycle must be stopped!

At Sinclair Baptist Church, we are burdened and motivated by these thoughts. Our church plant was designed to reach and keep young moms and dads. The programs are all designed to be steps in creating flourishing believers. We certainly have not perfected outreach and discipleship, but we do believe we have discovered some simple and practical tools that are working. We have pioneered several new family-oriented outreach techniques that have been very successful in engaging our community. We have a constant stream of new visitors, of which most are new to church and Christianity. And we have remained conservative and independent Baptist throughout the process.

If you are concerned about your community and equally concerned about the long term sustenance of your local church, you need to look into coming (or sending someone) to the conference we are hosting on April 30-May 2nd. This downward cycle must be stopped. We want to help you make your church what it needs to be for its community. If you have a similar burden, and want to reach these broken people, please look at the ReachKeep Conference website.

I will warn you….outreach requires some changes. Changes can be uncomfortable. But the right changes must happen. When the bus ministries took hold years ago, suddenly churches needed new and different facilities and budgets. When tape and CD ministries took off, money need to be invested in sound equipment and microphones. And even way, way, way back, when private ownership of land came into being, church buildings required extensive changes of budgets and gathering habits. Well, we made it through all of those and now we need to move on ahead if we want to continue with the same Gospel our forefathers started with.

I am guessing most of your churches have a electricity, a sound system, and probably indoor plumbing. Well now it might be time for internet access. We all have telephones and see their benefit. Come to our conference and we’ll show you the “how to’s” and benefits of social media. Your people, like mine, all love those moving picture thingies. We’ll show you some great way to leverage that technology.

All I am asking is come and give it a shot. Take a few days and come and get some good ideas that might help you grow the younger side of your church. I promise you, there won’t be drums on the stage, no interpretive dances or rock and roll style music. But there will be some provocative and challenging ideas that are probably a little out of the averages church’s routine, but they will help you get some stinking people in your church.

For free training audios on reaching and keeping go to: Free Training Audios


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