#57 Refreshing Your Church Systems [Podcast]


REfreshing Church systems[SHOW NOTES] Purpose of this podcast is to show application of the 8 concepts in the Back-to-Church/Back-to-School Training Package. This podcast, Refreshing Your Church Systems, covers discussion of how one church is working on implementing three of the eight concepts. It is a supplement to the ReachKeep product known as the Back-to-Church/Back-to-School Training Package. [Goes on sale August 1st through 15th].

The underlying gist of the eight concepts is: Constant Improvement. A church needs to be constant upgrading. Just as software is upgraded, church needs to be always getting better.

Story of VBS decoration. Always be searching for a way to improve yourself spiritual, but also physically. A church must do the same. Try to do things to look interesting.  Interesting items, whether they be in the message, announcements or decorations build momentum.

Here are just three of the eight concept that we have discussed.

  • #1 Communication Improvement

Point: Clarity in sermon but also the interaction, announcements, and values.

Example: Announcement on upcoming picnic- use of mannequins to promote groups of people who have volunteered at Sinclair Baptist Church.

We need clarity in our sermons, but also the interactions that are found in a church such as announcements and interactions with people during the church hours.

  • #4 Refresh your Facilities

    – get some “fresh eyes”- remove clutter—

Is it time to repaint a room or clean carpet?

Example: Our church is creating several new posters for an upcoming event. They will hang over the doors to the auditorium and a we will have a large one at the front.

Can’t afford them? Ours are made with news print, magic markers and the kids are coloring and painting on them. Other ideas:

We all have plenty of square feet on the walls. Hang something there for a series.

Chairs changed?- We are rearranging the chairs for the next month.

We have anticipated a rush on refreshments- found a big table

Watch for squeeze point were people get clogged up or have to sit too close to each other.

  • #2 and 3  Training for New Guest System

We have a problem… main guy not around much more…business travel

We have schedule a meeting in the middle of next month to rethink many areas of our greeting system.

How to get folks into the building, which doors, what times, etc…?

Shortages- What do we do when a key person is missing? How can we create a deeper bench?

Use more children? Teens?

Signup for greeting? teams?

For more information on Sinclair Baptist Church go to www.sinclairbaptistchurch.com

For detailed training and coaching opportunities go to www.reachkeepconference.com

The Back to School-Back to Church Training Package contains many solutions to the problems listed here. It is available from the ReachKeep online store only from August 1st -15th
The Back to School-Back to Church Training Package contains many solutions to the problems listed here. It is available from the ReachKeep online store only from August 1st -15th

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