Skipping Church Attendance

Over the years, I have had many reasons I skipped attending church. “Skip” might not quite be the right word, you know what I mean.  I didn’t really want to share this half of the list, but here goes…

  1. Had folks from out of town that arrived at just the wrong time.
  2. Sick kids and the sick me!
  3. I was out of gas figuratively (and literally, but that’s another story)
  4. Stopped to help at a rollover car accident.
  5. Got lost trying to find the place (on vacation) and got lost. (really lost!)
  6. Had a funeral
  7. Cows got out. (Sheep got out. Bull got out. Neighbors cows in my soybeans, etc…)
  8. Had to work (fix fence).skip church attendance for stuck cow
  9. Had a blizzard
  10. Been at the hospital or “in” the hospital.
  11. Bonus:  I forgot the “change the clock” thingy.

Generally speaking, my church attendance has been faithful since I became a Christian in my early 20s. There are two reasons I have faithful church attendance. First, it has become a habit (a biblical one at that) that I have formed.  Secondly, I have been blessed by being under good leadership that created an atmosphere that made me ANTICIPATE going to church!
In the wake of every good leader should be high level of anticipating people. Here are a few of the “manageable” things that should flow from strong dedicated local church leadership.

Church Attendance Boosters

  • Good, effective, applicable Bible teaching.
  • Fellowship and bonding with other like-minded believers.
  • Character-based child training
  • Godly teachers and examples for my kids.
  • Friendship opportunities for me and my families needs.
  • Coffee and donuts (well maybe not on the new carpet.) Actually, food can enhance church attendance in many ways. (For more on this subject, listen to this podcast Food & Church growth Podcast)

Take a good look at these topics and discuss with your leaders how you might improve on each one. What are some things that you can do to get someone’s “anticipater” up and running at full speed?  What might be happening that hinders folks from anticipating attending church services and events?

Who knows? Maybe these can be such positive, manageable areas, that can be so strongly present on Sunday, that folks like me will get out and fix their fences on Saturday!

Mr. Mike


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Terri Schultz

I'm a busy church lady with lots of irons in the fire, and I love it. I've been involved in local church ministries for about 35 years in many areas from the nursery to the church office. Currently I lead one to three small groups a week in our church, help coordinate our volunteers, maintain the books and work on our executive team in the office.

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