Sunday School Teachers Fail Families-Pt.1 [Blog]

Prefer Part-1Sunday School teachers need to be aware that they are failing in regards to parental expectations.  There are many new parents, just coming into a church environment. These young parents are turning to the church to help them with their child rearing problems and many of them are leaving church disappointed.  The church is losing people fast enough, and for many reasons. Wise Sunday School teachers will pay special attention to this vital demographic that is the life blood of the future.  Here are three ways to help your local church reach and keep young moms and dads.

  1. New parents expect Sunday School teachers to teach character. Period. Whether mom and dad are aware of David and Goliath or they have never even heard of Jonah and the whale, they want their kids to walk out of a Sunday experience with one thing—better behavior. Knowing the data and all the right historical points is great, but there is no replacement for a kid that learns and holds on to a character trait like respect, obedience and self control.  Question: What is going on this Sunday in your classrooms that moves kids towards these important areas of development?
  2. New parents want to know what is being taught in the classroom.  Heads up: Letting a parent know that the children’s department is emphasizing a certain character quality, makes good sense. The church and the parents working in harmony is the best way to see behavioral changes in a child. Good communication in this area can really pay off. Sunday School themes and topics can be announced and even receive pulpit support in “big church”. Kid’s handouts distributed through direct teach/parent contact are much more likely to be applied. Longer term character development initiatives can be presented at vision meetings and on annual calendars. Question: This Sunday, how will your “big church” support the entire family’s growth in a unified way?
  3. New parents are looking for solutions. Programatic goals like “teaching kids how to stay out of trouble”, or “helping children learn to control their mouths” are solution-based at the core.  The Bible is filled with lessons that support these types of teaching goals. Presenting the Gospel and the transformed life to children and parents is a perfect fit with these type of lessons.  Only Christ can give the power to live life in a brand new way. He (Christ) is indeed the solution that many folks are missing. Bringing biblical salvation to an entire family not only assures them of a home in heaven, but offers the best solution for a peaceful, functional home on earth. Question: What common, yet urgent family problem is being solved by your church this coming weekend?

Churches and their varied programs can be the best way to provide long-lasting solutions to families. The venue is rich with opportunities to teach and model character. This type of thinking and teaching requires strong leadership. It is more than just handing a packet of curriculum to a Sunday School teacher. Lengthy discussions and meetings are required. But it is better for church leaders to meet long, plan well and work hard than to see families fail.

What are some of your insights in regards to this topic?  Leave your comment below.


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