How I Use Facebook in 2018

Here are my Facebook posting habits:


••Personal profile- Not all that often, just a few times a week.

••Church page- Fridays and Saturdays-sermon oriented invite stuff

••Local Attenders Group- Same as above with some more personal stuff and prayer requests

••Sermon Discussion Group- Saturday night provocative thought and Bible Study notes for the next week’s Bible studies. (secretary proofs these and sends these)

••Other Church pages once or twice a month from me, but there are regular postings from department heads weekly. (We have a individual page for our Sunday School Ministry and Nursery. These are primarily parents of kids and are use for promo, information of events and have regular inspirational items like verses and tips for building character, etc…)

••Private Staff Groups- Daily Communication ( I have an Executive Team group, a KidMin/children’s ministry group and group that covers all volunteers/staff at every level. There are also a variety of subgroups so all the children’s team can communicate with each other about details, but I don’t deal with that level of management)

•• Outside Community Groups- This is where my most prolific activity is. I post regularly in community groups about upcoming events/ sermons etc..

••Chat- I keep chat off during the week and turn it on on Friday and Saturday nights. I contact dozens and dozens of folks and ask about their kids, dog, jobs etc… I then invite them to church and tell them about the sermon. I am very faithful at this and have many, many stories of folks attending specifically because of this. I call it Digital Visitation

••Messaging- We probably use it more that texting with my family and team members.

••Liking and Commenting- I don’t do to much because often there is too much feedback from others. (For example: in the MCC I often have an opinion and would like to share it, but there are so many folks and the comments just keep on coming and draw me away for more important stuff.)

•• SUMMARY- I post way more on FB than I read. About the only place I read everything are my Church Groups, my ReachKeep groups and a private pastor group I am in. I rarely look at “the feed” and just cruise and see what is going on with my friends.

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