Why March is a Good Outreach Month for Young Families.

Three reasons March is a great time to reach new young families.
  1. Weather is improving in many parts of North America. Parents love to be outdoors with their kids. Outdoor activities conducted in a “neutral location” attract new parents and kids at a much higher rate than “church building” activities.
  2. Easter is coming. This is a natural draw for many folks with kids.  Since there are larger crowds with many visitors, it also is a high visitor rate day. Don’t make fun of the “Christmas/Easter Christians”. Win them! Be prepared with helpful parenting materials, a printed schedule of upcoming events, a sharp digital presence, and strong relationally skilled workers who are ready to befriend and encourage.
  3. Summer is not far away. When the kids are out of school, parents are craving for healthy activities to keep them busy. Places with wholesome activities, exercise, and a friendship building atmosphere are sure winners for acquiring new young families. (Video #1 deals with many aspects of this type of outreach.)

All of these are good reason to consume all the training you can get.  We are arriving at an optimal season for young family evangelistic outreach!

Here are the release dates for all of the training:Four step intro pic

  • Video #1 – Tuesday Feb. 23rd  (It is about how to conduct an acquisition event for young families)
  • Your discount coupon arrives by email: March 1st (only for those on the V.I.P Wait list) Signup here!
  • Enrollment opens for the online course: March 3rd- Noon
  • Coupon Expiration: March 7th – Midnight
  • Course Closes- Friday March 11th – Midnight
Here is a short video I made to help you have better Sundays!  Having well trained leadership is key. Can’t wait to get you enrolled and bringing in new folks in from your community!

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